Millennials and work attire

I would like you to close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting outside, waiting for an interview for your dream job, and you realize that you forgot to wear pants! Just kidding. That would be a worst case scenario. In all seriousness, many millennials that are going for that job or internship interview don’t know how to dress appropriately. Even though that individual may have an impressive resume and the skills to back up what letters of recommendations say about them, they may have lost a chance because of the way they dressed. According to the article, “Millennials’ Biggest Interview Mistake is ‘Inappropriate work attire’, according to hiring managers” about


“75% of the 501 mangers interviewed by Adecco, a human resources consulting company, said that Millennials, frequently fail to wear appropriate interview attire”


Due to this constant trend, managers are hiring baby boomers more often than they are millennials.  These statistics aren’t helping much either, “According to a study released earlier this year by MTV, 79 percent of Millennials think they should be allowed to wear jeans to work at least sometimes, compared to 60 percent of Boomers who said the same”


So the lesson here, ladies and gentlemen, is that if you don’t want to be caught without any pants on, or in inappropriate attire, keep reading this blog to find out to how to dress appropriately.


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