Style Profile: Rachel Reese

So our first model is Rachel Reese, who is a sophomore studying Theatre. When she isn’t studying, some of her interests include reading, knitting and especially buying things online. This makes her a fantastic candidate for our style profiles because she is online looking at clothes and seeing all of the different trends. As to who inspires her style, she says,

“I don’t really have a specific inspiration. I like to wear clothes that are comfortable. I like to mix comfort and fashion and be stylish but really comfy.”

If you feel like Rachel fits your style (which she describes as “hipster rocker”) and want to know some of her favorite stores they are: thrift stores (to fit her hipster style), Kohls, Target, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx. If she could raid someone’s closet it would be Karen Gillan (Amy Pond from Doctor Who) or Emma Watson since they always look cute and very put together, which is something Rachel admires.  As for her dream job involving theater, she would be ready to face that nerve wrecking interview with a pencil skirt, pretty blouses, black tights, and some nice heels. Stick around to see how Rachel transforms an interview outfit to a going out outfit with friends in this video.

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